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CCBNAIJA: Energy Goddess Nkechi Blessing Reveals Her Secret, Hails Fans

  • As Mercy Aigbe, Josh2funny beg to be saved

Highly motivated energy goddess of the Celebrity Come Build Reality TV Show, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, fondly called NBS, has revealed the secret to her successful team lead for consecutive three weeks in an exclusive chat with versatile Journalist, Theresa Moses, Blog-Coordinator of the CCBNAIJA Reality TV Show.

Asked where she derives her energy and vibes for this challenging task. She said: “My strength is from God, because He is the Master Planner of all of these; if God doesn’t want this, He won’t keep me solid on my feet 24 hours. I was down with malaria yesterday and I couldn’t move; I was sleeping all through, had several injections on my bum, took drugs, but here I am this morning hale and hearty, strong; went to site earlier today and I’m here still kicking; the energy goddess, e for energy.”

Talking about the secret ingredient to her successful team lead for three weeks in a row, NBS said nothing aside from prayers and my fans.
“I must say I have one of the most supportive fans, yes. This is it; the only secret I think is my relationship with my fans. I have a very close relationship with my fans, I communicate with them. Do you know your fans; do your fans know you? You don’t just come to your fans when you need them alone; you have to be there for them so they can be there for you too.

“Aside from the fact that I pray and I put all of this in God’s hands, let your will be done. I think I am like the smallest of all the contestants when it comes to followers on Instagram; but by the Grace of God, with your votes, I happened to be here for the third week running; I know you guys are voting for me already like this in order to make me the team leader for the fourth week. By the special grace of God, that will happen; nothing else but my wonderful fans and God Almighty always.”

With the kind of strength she puts into the construction work on site, some people see her to be a man in a woman’s body. In reaction, Nkechi has this to say:
“I was born to be the head and not the tail; I was born strong to take care of myself and my family. I have the heart of a man because, to the glory of God, am the bread-winner of my family; so you know what it takes to be the bread-winner of your family; where you have all the responsibilities of your family on your shoulder, so you have to work like a man.
“It’s only my physical appearance that makes me a woman, but right inside me I have the energy of a lion, a tiger, I never get tired even though I am tired. Even though you need to rest, because na person wey rest go live to enjoy the money wey him work for. But still you need to work and keep it moving, take care of yourself, health, but still continue your grinding to last; because too much money no dey cure some kind illness.”

On health-care and welfare, she opined: “All thanks to the CCBNAIJA Team and Medicplus nurses and doctors for always coming through for us each time we feel weak and can’t continue; that’s why we have them to always re-fuel us to continue this ride because it’s a long ride as the competition is getting tougher.”

Nkechi begged to be kept till the end of the show so she and her number one fan will be house owners in Lagos. “To the lovers of success, you all love success and love to see people successful, I don’t want you to stop voting for me. I swear to God, I need this more than anything else. I no get house for Lagos, I no buy house, I dey rent for the past 32 years of my life. If you make me win this, it’s going to be you taking somebody out of the gutter and making the person a millionaire. You see how beautiful it is and God will bless you for doing that. Again, you are not just going to bless me; you are also going to become a landlord through me, as it is a win-win. If I were you, I would get my phone now and continue to vote, click on the link on my bio and continue to vote for me. If you’re in the Diaspora, feel free to send me a DM, I will send you a direct link on how to vote to keep me going to win in this competition, God bless you and all the things that you lay your hands on. It’s your girl, NBS, aka nothing but success.”

CCBNAIJA contestants on probation this week, Mercy Aigbe and Josh2funny, were on site to get their hands dirty while they begged to be saved from possible eviction this weekend as their stay depends on how their fans love them.
Mercy pleaded saying, “I’ve been begging you people to vote for me. Yes, I want to appreciate those of you who have been voting for me, those who have reposted the fliers, my pictures so that I can get more votes; but it’s not enough. I did not take your love for granted, I need more love as I am on probation this week for possible eviction and I don’t want to go home. What is happening to my fans, people need to know that I have loyal fans, fans that will go all out for me. Please, I am begging you guys to keep me in the house by voting and don’t forget it’s a win-win thing. The highest voting viewer will win a 3-bedroom bungalow. Please, I’m begging you guys to keep me in the house by voting for me. If I win the house, I go settle una. Please, show me the love you guys have been showing me over the years, I need it now, that love has to come now.”

The ever-smiling Josh2funny who was recuperating from illness said: “I will try and leave the probation. I’ve really been absent from the site because of my health. So no vex, no probate me, but in-probate me and un-probate me as I’m in probation for possible eviction; help me to stay on the show. Vote for me and keep your boy on the show. Let’s do this and if you love me, keep me by voting.”

It’s no news that the last man standing will win a whopping N120 million, aside a 5 Bedroom duplex in Lekki, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, and lots more. One lucky fan with the highest vote wins a 3-Bedroom Bungalow built by the celebrities. As a fan, the more votes you cast for your favourite celebrities the better your chance of winning the prize.

bankcode000*contestant code (number of votes) for example, (if you are using GTB and sending 10 votes) *73700054900010#
Teddy A Code: 5491001; Mercy Aigbe Code: 549002; Anto Lecky Code: 5491002; Rosie Code: 5491003; Funky Mallam Code: 5491004; Josh 2 funny Code: 5491005; Akuapem poloo Code: 5491006; Nkechi Blessing Code: 5491007; Lizzy Jay Code: 5491008; Ruggedman Code: 5491009; Ninalowo Bolanle Code: 5491010.

To vote for your favourite celebrity in Nigeria,

visit: www.ccbnaija.com/vote

Click on the vote icon beneath your preferred celebrity’s name: fill the form, submit, choose your preferred payment method, and complete the steps.

For voters outside Nigeria,

visit www.ccbnaija.com/vote

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