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PYD and PBD set to Recharge the World


Save the date for this year’s Recharge Conference, you are not limited by location as the conference will be aired onsite and online, from 6th July to 10th July 2022, follow the programme across all social media handle, you will be truly energised with strength and confidence to emerge strong this second half of the year with a song of celebration and victory .

Recharge Conference is an annual global confluence and gathering. A creation of Global Impact Church, which was inspired by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is a season where the children of God come together in a seven days interdenominational unity to fast and pray over the second half of the year, asking for Gods intervention and help for a favourable end of the year. At the end of the seven days fast, it is capped with an interdenominational global conference tagged the Recharge Conference.

The 2022 Recharge Conference has been captioned “Walking in Gods Favour”. You will be enriched with words of impartation and ministration by renowned preachers, evangelist, pastors, prophets and prophetess.

Pastor Yemi David’s and Pastor Bimbo David’s or PYD and PBD as fondly called as lead pastors of Global impact Church and has since 2017 when the first edition of Recharge conference was hosted, and has over the years evolved into a mega conference. than its Maiden edition.

There would be various sessions at the 6th July 2022 to 10th July 2022 conference where anointed servant of God would be on the pulpit addressing various Biblical teachings to restore hope to the hopeless, healing, barrenness, breakthrough from all forms of mental strongholds, sterotyping, financial wisdom, hearing and walking according to God’s Standards.

There would be other key speakers who are experts and proficient at various fields of endeavours, you will have access to medical doctors, life coaches, marriage counsellors, creative strategist, psychologist, theraphiest at the conference that will be teaching on leadership, communication , self development, health talks, emotional intelligence,parenting, overcoming anxiety,loneliness, depression, gluttony, social habits and all forms of addictions.

At Global impact Church you do not have to live life alone, it is more than a Church with two decades of glorious existence.

The Goodland is a haven and home for the confused, whatever life struggle or health challenges confronting you, an attendance of this conference will convince you that you can find a family that truly care , with a focus and readiness to experience your leap out of excruciating, worries and pitfalls.

Plan to attend, because , you will be realigned to God’s original purpose for your life, you are distinguished for favour in every sphere of your life. Come with a positive expectation to learn from eminent speakers and the true liberation you desire will happen in your life and business endeavour.

PYD the lead pastor, is a man of wisdom, he has packaged this particular conference specifically for everyone across all age .It is going to be mind blowing, with life transforming experiences, it is not a religious gathering, or usual kind of Church gathering,but a conference with vision of saving lives from oppression and darkness.

As the visionier of the Church he will be addressing invited guests and answering questions at various sessions of the conference.

The youths and teenagers,are his best friends and ally because the strength of any living Church lies within the youth and young persons, his affirmed confidence in the youths and teenagers has endeared him over the years to their hearts and he is relentless and passionate for his teeming youth platform, and PYD unequivocally believes that through mentoring,and a solid foundation in God, young persons will become better person that will hold sensitive positions in the global space instead of habitual social vices.

With profound humility, and a sense of joy come with your cymbal , drums and dancing shoes.

There would be free transportation in locations across Lagos, check the flyers for your convenient bus stops.

Global impact Church is inviting everyone to these truly Global conference where PYD will be ministering in praise and worship songs with other guest artist for the four days conference where you will have a glorious second half of 2022.



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