Waking up today was by the grace of God. Sleeping with two eyes closed in Nigeria is now a privilege and not luxury, the insecurity in the land is at its crescendo. There is immense tension in the land. North, South, West and East, no where is safe.

The North which is the worst hit, has been terrorised by Boko Haram insurgents and ISWAP for over a decade. Thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people rendered homeless and unquantifiable numbers of properties destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people ;young and old are in captivity in forests across the region.
The South East and South South are no fairer, the emergence of secessionist group called IPOB, ESN and other militia groups have plunged that region into chaos which is fast tilting into anarchy.
Those militia groups as it were, are going after State security architecture, they are killing security personnel burning up security institutions, carting away arms and armunisions and releasing detained criminals. Those killings have become a daily occurrence.
The South West that appears to be relatively peaceful, has the reoccurring cases of the kidnapping by suspected Fulani herdsmen and armed bandits to deal with.

Whilst other regions may be said to be at war already; the fate of the South West, especially Lagos State, lie in the balance. Based on intelligence, the fallout of the ‘insurgents wars’ in the other region is taking it toll on the South West, given the inflocks of people from the affected areas, most of whom have no means of livelihood and have taken to crime in their host States.

This alarming inflocks of people is becoming increasingly worrisome and the government is overtly turning a blind eye or at face value, pretending to be on top of the situation. The ‘inflocks’ have taken over the commercial motorcycle business in the region and are now using their humongous numbers to intimidate constituted authorities in their host communities. This seemingly impending danger as it were, calls for serious concern and the government should as a matter of urgency begin to nip it in the bud before it grows into a Frankenstein case that would be difficult to contend with soon.
Suffice to say that Nigeria is at war

By Jimoh Wasiu Publisher

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